1. The CD disc label is a terrific creation, conjuring as it does both the old vinyl Atlantic Records & Tapes labels but also a minimalist landscape. Since the band played on the south coast of England it could be interpreted as a sludgy sea, a row of white bed & breakfast buildings and an evening sky.
    Similarly, there is a great ambiguity at play on the back cover. What appears to be an evening shot of tower blocks transpires to be the 4-track cassette recorder that taped the songs. Subject and object combined!
    I’m probably seeing connections that weren’t actually planned but that’s half the fun.
    This is a deeply excellent piece of design. Horrible Head have been blessed with a designer with a Brilliant Brain.

    1. Hmm….interesting take on the design. The philosophy behind it was to invoke the gloom and sadness of youth. Thank you for your generous comments!

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