CD Cover & Disc Label – Horrible Head ‘The Gloom of Youth’

CD cover and disc label graphics for Horrible Head, on the Smoking Ant Records label…

(c) sljohnson 2010
(c) sljohnson 2010


  1. The CD disc label is a terrific creation, conjuring as it does both the old vinyl Atlantic Records & Tapes labels but also a minimalist landscape. Since the band played on the south coast of England it could be interpreted as a sludgy sea, a row of white bed & breakfast buildings and an evening sky.
    Similarly, there is a great ambiguity at play on the back cover. What appears to be an evening shot of tower blocks transpires to be the 4-track cassette recorder that taped the songs. Subject and object combined!
    I’m probably seeing connections that weren’t actually planned but that’s half the fun.
    This is a deeply excellent piece of design. Horrible Head have been blessed with a designer with a Brilliant Brain.

    1. Hmm….interesting take on the design. The philosophy behind it was to invoke the gloom and sadness of youth. Thank you for your generous comments!

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