New Project for Gallery Show

For this Rogue’s Gallery piece above, I selected 20 photos that were sent to me for a Facebook gallery of people wearing t-shirts or using items with images I had created.  Some of images were created specifically for the individuals shown with the piece. I whittled the choices down to 15 photos, rendered the photos in halftone and added the graphic images back in. They were all hung side by side, sandwiched between two walls of distressed Punk Rock Jukebox posters. Also shown for the first time was a compilation of images created for a booklet that will be included in the new CD by Bisonics.

Thanks to Dan Topalis for letting me show work in the Gallery, many thanks to photographers Meghan Killimade, Peter J. Crowley, Diane D.F. Bergman, and special thanks to Mark Bilokur, Bart Jeczmienny & Marko ‘Punk Rock Jukebox’ Fontaine for their help with the show!

all images © sljohnson 2011


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