A few of my older works are currently displayed at the Mitchell College Library for the month of September. I created some text for the images from the “Seconds” project in order to make it more relevant for students in the graphic design program, highlighting the DIY possibilities.


And the inevitable “artist’s statement”:

“S.L. Johnson is a well-known, if seldom seen, recluse living in the New London area.

It has been rumored that she was a messenger for the French Resistance, going by the name of “Le Noir Pigeon.” Or a rich Russian heiress, disowned by her family for falling in love with a poor Norwegian carpenter.Or a woman who took leave of her senses when she was jilted at the altar.

She is also the Collection Management Coordinator at the Mitchell College Library.

Feel free to ask her any questions about her artwork. But not about her past.”

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