Book cover: My Wandering Uterus

image ©sljohnson 2018

I was thrilled to be invited by K.A. Laity & Byron Ballard to create a cover image for a new collection of stories – this fabulous anthology is now available to own & enjoy*:

If you want this fun, medieval-styled image on a tshirt, wine mug, tote bag, etc, please visit my shops below.



*Please leave a review if you enjoyed these tales!

(and if you would like a wee bit of insight regarding how this project came to be, click here. )


  1. This makes me smile. Would love to know the process behind the creation of this cover. There is so much there (medieval theme, femininity, anatomy, flight). Wow, I love it. Gina

    1. Thanks, Gina!
      The process, as always, is a quick spark. Kate is a medievalist & the idea of pilgrimages came to mind, so the medieval look followed. The kite was something I felt would be a nice amusing touch.

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