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Graphic Design & Illustration

I work with local radio stations, bands, indie labels, authors, publishers, arts centers and individuals and enjoy the challenge of finding fresh and entertaining ways to create unique images tailored to my clients’ needs.

My stylistic loves and influences include prehistoric art; ancient art; indigenous art; classic Looney Tunes cartoons (Phillip de Guard’s backgrounds are genius); Saul Bass; Charley Harper; Alvin Lustig; art nouveau; art deco; German Expressionism; Ukiyo-e; Hergé; Chris Ware; punk rock flyers & album art; punk and rock & roll fashion; the surrealists Carrington, Fini & Varo; Inuit, Tlingit, Haida and Kawkiutl sculpture and graphic arts; nature… the list is endless. And often I’m simply inspired by shapes in everyday life and conversations with friends.

Some nice things clients have said about working with me can be found here: testimonials.

I have an online shop at RedBubble there will be limited amounts of images available, these will change every once in a while, and I am happy to entertain suggestions of which images could be made available. Much of my work is also available as digital prints – please inquire at queenlib@gmail.com if you’re interested!

I have shown my work as a juried artist at Anthocon in New Hampshire; at the Gallery at the Wauregan in Norwich, CT, both in a solo and in group shows; Mitchell College Library; Artspace in Willimantic, CT; Hygienic Art in New London, CT;  and attended the NE Author’s Expo with some of my work in Danvers, MA.

I have won the 2014 CLA (CT Library Association) Publicity Award for the category of “Print Media – Library Logo, In-House Design.”

If you wish to contact me regarding any work you have seen on this blog or to inquire about my services, email me at queenlib@gmail.com



  1. Hi!
    S.L. Johnson I was just talking to Steve Asetta, he sent me here.
    I’m the chap doing the posters for the film series at the Lyric.
    Very much liking your work, I’ll have a long leisurely look when I get more time.

    Let’s get together one of these days and talk printmaking, etc.
    Nice to meet you!

    Allan Greenier
    1003 Whalley Ave.
    New Haven CT 06515

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